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Track was diecast in the white metal alloy zamak. The segments were one mould, made up of the rail, chairs, sleepers lying on a bed of ballast. It consisted of straight and curved sections, points, a diamond crossing and a straight re-railer. The points were either left and right handed and operated manually using a lever to the side. Some of the re-railers had a pair of pin holes in ramps on each side, to attach the parts of the automatic level crossing.

At each end of the tracks were lugs, to allow pieces to be interlocked together. Whilst these were essentially marketed as a toy, all the track came with a couple of pinholes to allow pinning down for a permanent layout. It was finished in grey. All track had Lone Star Locos and Made In England in high relief on the underside.

As well as the track pieces themselves, there were other components for the track.

There were traditional sidings buffer stops, of the wooden sleeper with a ballast fill design. There was a rail fixing lug gap, to allow this to be placed over the end or the track. These were diecast and finished in black, with red buffer beam and a white lamp on top.

The rail overbridge was sold as two parts, a pair of bowstring truss arch girders and full height gradient piers. The girders were held in place by pins that clipped into lug holes on the pier. The bridge could clear a railway line underneath.The girders were diecast and finished in silver.

The remaining gradient piers came in 6 sizes, providing a steady gradient, on which track was mounted. These piers could be used to lead up to a truss overbridge. Two sets of piers were required to lead up to the overbridge and down the other side. The piers were a brick design, diecast and finished in red.

The rail overbridge was also available for the Treble-0-Lectric version. However, unlike the 000, the Treble-0-Lectric track required support. For this, there were incline track base pieces providing this support between the piers and the track bed. These were straight or curved. They were diecast and finished in grey.